Easy analytics QA for cross-platform teams

Overwhelmed with all the ways your analytics can fail? Familiar.

Implementing analytics in a fast-paced environment can be daunting. Issues are easy to miss and sooner or later, you’ll be looking at unreliable reports.


Whichever analytics tool you're using, you need an easy way of organizing specs that describe what is being tracked, why and when.

Without it, you end up with irrelevant data, you pay for data points you never use, and finally, you miss out on mission-critical insight.

Instant code output for accurate implementation

Save time on QA – choose from a growing list of languages and frameworks to output the code in. The less time your developer spends translating the spec, less you will spend in QA.

Quickly access and monitor all tracking specs

Gain a quick overview of all the data you track, from one simple dashboard.


Your new tracking plan is here. Take it!

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